Success redefined.

KAOS supports entrepreneurs in developing their sustainable identity. 

  13 minutes Case Study: How entrepreneurs can authentically integrate sustainability that is not lengthy and expensive 

What opportunities does sustainability have for you?

Have you had that too? That situation where you know when your company is supposed to become more sustainable by, for example, reducing emissions or offering “greener” products on the market.

But truly you do not even know exactly what that means: What goals, opportunities, fields of action are there? And where do you even start?


 KAOS helps you to figure that out.

Aligned with recognized sustainability goals

…mit höchstem sozial-ökologischen Mehrwert

Integrated into daily business

... designed for people with busy schedules

Implement actively instead of just being advised

... take concrete measures in record time 

The next step: 

Conrete initiatives in 7 weeks

If you want to tackle the topic of sustainability, simply follow the button under this section. The procedure looks like this:

1. Short questionnaire on your current status
2. Free sustainability session
3. Possible long-term cooperation

Unique: a digital sustainability program.

What our clients say about us


 Team Lead Corporate Storytelling at Ringier AG

When you work with Nina and the KAOS team, you can feel their energy right from the start. They know how to break down complex processes into simple steps and how to carry them out professionally, so at the end of each session you think: is that all?


Software developer at evrbit & founder of Geekmeteor

The KAOS team and Nina are extraordinarily talented and experienced project partners. It has been a pleasure to work with them. Such experts are really rare to come by.




Co-founder at

The KAOS team cleared our approach to segmentation and helped us create appropriate storytelling messages. I recommend working with them!



 Co-Founder at rreefs

Nina has a great, holistic way of understanding your project and providing insightful advice. She guided me through finding tools to help me achieve the goals for my start-up business.


 Service Delivery Manager at Simble

Nina and the KAOS team are some of the most original thinking and innovative people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.



Marketing Manager at 

Nina is always ready to help and has the rare ability to build trust and good energies between all employees. For that reason I would always recommend working with her.