About us

We are finally making economic sustainability accessible. 

KAOS ist ein Kind der digitalen Zeit und ein Ruf aus der Zukunft. Wir unterstützen Dienstleister*innen und Wissensorganisationen dabei, das Thema Nachhaltigkeit kennenzulernen und ins tägliche Geschäft zu integrieren.
We are...

> Part of the association for sustainable management,

> Die Schwesterfirma von KRAFTPOL agency for continuous change 

> Ein Bogenprojekt der Schweizer Landesaustellung 2027.




How do we define Sustainability?

Many entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of sustainability.

They often want to integrate concepts such as "circular economy" or "corporate social responsibility" (CSR) into their business.

But that is not so easy, given the topic is complex, and every company has individual structures, processes, and resources. 

That is why we use agile methods and a lot of creativity to jointly develop authentic approaches for more sustainability.

"Working with KAOS helps us use our Green Compass."

Our Team



Backoffice & First contact

Silvia is the woman with the flair for new things.
She has her eyes and ears everywhere, knows everything and everyone and always has a solution ready.

Hannah Lea

Hannah Lea

Culture & Transformation

Working out processes is one thing. Maintaining and shaping communication and culture is another. Hannah Lea is a transformational facilitator, hypnosystemic coach and strategic designer.




Agile Processes & Strategy

Nina's heart beats for sustainability at work through digital modernization. Nina has multiple degrees and is a trained Scrum Master and Agile Coach.

The next steps


1. 15-minute introductory call
2. 45-minute consultation meeting
3. If everything goes well: Possible long-term cooperation